Fall 2000

It’s that time of year again…the season has started and as usual we didn’t finish all the projects we had hoped to get done before we hit the groves and fields again.  But it’s here and there’s nothing to be done but to get going.  Whoever said “what ever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” must not have worked in agriculture!

The Competition is On
With every new harvest season, CHAPP experiences competition for your insurance business.  Whether you are visited by another agent, an insurance company or a professional employer (employee leasing) organization, the tactics used are always the same: they promise you bigger savings or try to mislead you about CHAPP.  We are always available to help you make a fair comparison between CHAPP and the competition.

Rick Turner Joins CHAPP Staff
Rick Turner has recently joined the staff of CHAPP, Inc. as an Account Executive.  In this position, Rick will be performing several marketing and client field service functions.  Formerly a Marketing Representative with over 12 years of experience with FFVA Mutual, Rick’s reputation in the agricultural and insurance industries is one of integrity and professionalism.  We are proud to include Rick as part of the CHAPP team.

NCCI Files for 2% Worker’s Compensation Rate Increase for 2001
NCCI, Florida’s worker’s compensation insurance rate making authority, has advised the Department of Insurance (DOI) to increase rates by an average of 2% effective January 1, 2001.  The DOI will have to approve the rates before they can go into effect.  If you are concerned about another rate increase, please call the Insurance Commissioner at 800-342-2762.  You can also e-mail your concern via the DOI web site http://www.doi.state.fl.us/, go to “Site Index”, go to the letter “O” and click on “On-Line Request For Assistance Form.”

Farm Labor Contractor Registration
Registered Farm Labor Contractors and anyone wanting to register for the first time: remember that the process can take as long as 4 weeks and even longer if a test is required.  It is best to send all paperwork  (application, certificates of insurance, bus/van inspection forms, money, etc.) to Tallahassee at least 30 days before your card expires or the date that you want to receive your initial card.  This allows enough time for State processing  and gives you time to respond if notified of a problem.  The State has also introduced a new renewal process this year: unless a test is required, you can now fill out your own application and send it with all the original forms directly to Tallahassee.  CHAPP has a supply of the required forms available to our clients.  Please call or visit our office or call Jim Hinkle if you have any questions.

FFVA Dividend Expected
FFVA Mutual’s annual meeting is scheduled for later this month, at which time they decide on the amount of the dividend they will declare.  As of our last report, CHAPP clients as a group contributed over $3,500,000 to FFVA Mutual’s surplus premium for the 1998 year.  We will be looking and listening for news on their dividend and will report it to you as soon as we know!

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