November 1999 News

FCCI Date Approaches

fccilogo On January 1, 2000 CHAPP transfers its entire worker’s compensation book of business to FCCI Insurance Group.  After all of our research, we feel we are placing your coverage with the best insurance company in Florida.  FCCI is the largest worker’s compensation insurance carrier based in Florida.  FCCI’s financial strength and customer friendly philosophies make FCCI a perfect match for our clients.  We should see several benefits from FCCI including the potential for higher dividends to our clients. One of the best things about our new partnership with FCCI is that there will be no change in the way CHAPP and our customers do business.  CHAPP has been given full authority to underwrite business, collect premium and  perform loss control and claims services like we have always done.  There will also be no change in the way your claims are handled by FCCI as they have contracted with the key people that handled your claims in the past.

Most of our customers have already signed the FCCI application that is required to move their coverage to FCCI effective January 1, 2000.  If you have not signed your application yet, please contact our office as soon as possible to make arrangements.

Don’t Let Our Competitors Fool You

We have heard that our competitors (other agencies, employee leasing companies) and other insurance companies are using our move to FCCI to try to get a share of our business.  Unfortunately they are using misinformation and rumors to try to influence some of our clients.  If you hear anything about CHAPP that does not come from our office, please let us know.  So you are not misled by some of the things you hear or are promised by others, let us review the facts and figures with you before you sign anything!

Wes Wurth Returns To CHAPP

Wes Wurth will return to CHAPP effective October 25, 1999 as a CHAPP Field Representative.  In his new position with us, Wes will provide loss control services and agent services.  Please join us in welcoming Wes back!

CHAPP INCredible News

Recently we sent out our first issue of a periodic newsletter that we will be publishing and sending to our clients.  It is our hope to keep you better informed about changes experienced in the insurance industry, about your insurance coverage and about CHAPP.  If you have a question about your coverage or a claim, please visit our people area to contact a representative.