January 2000 News

FCCI Move Completed
Effective January 1, 2000 CHAPP’s entire book of business was rolled over to FCCI Insurance Group. Even after all of the confusion and mailings caused when leaving FFVA, over 93% of our accounts made the switch with us.         We appreciate your trust in wanting CHAPP to take care of your worker’s compensation insurance needs.

As we have said before, we feel our accounts will soon see the difference between FCCI and other carriers. Although by law no company can guarantee a dividend, FCCI historically has returned a higher percentage of premium back to its insureds in dividends than any other Florida insurance carrier.

Compliance Poster Reminder – Change Your Poster Labels to the FCCI Version Mailed to You

FCCI Filings and Certificates
CHAPP has filed new 3100 forms with the Florida Dept. of Labor and has issued new FCCI certificates of insurance to all certificate holders we had on file as of December 27, 1999.         If you are working for a company that has not received a new FCCI certificate, please contact us immediately.

New FCCI Ag Claims Unit
FCCI claims service will be handled in the same professional and efficient way that you have come to depend on, since their new Ag Claims Unit is managed and staffed by former CCI employees, including Jill Keene who will continue to work your files from the Ag Claims Unit office in Orlando.

Social Security Numbers Needed When Reporting Claims
     Please remember that when a worker is injured, you must provide CHAPP with his Social Security Number before we can authorize treatment of the worker’s injury.

FCCI to Offer Other Lines of Coverage in the Future
Now that our worker’s compensation business has been placed with FCCI, we are working closely with them to develop other lines of insurance coverage for the Citrus and Ag industries.         We will provide more information to you as each product is ready to be offered. This will provide another competitive market for our clients.

No Word on FFVA 1999 Final Audits
At this time we are not sure how FFVA will conduct final 1999 audits of CHAPP accounts that have moved to FCCI. It is doubtful that they will allow CHAPP to be involved, as we were in the past. However, if you have any questions or problems with an FFVA audit, we will be available to help.

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