February 2000 News

FFVA Continues to Make Contact With CHAPP Accounts
We have heard from several accounts throughout the state that employees of FFVA and FFVA Mutual are continuing to contact CHAPP accounts about their Worker’s compensation insurance.  Different statements have been made concerning premium paid by accounts in the past and dividends returned that are not accurate.  We are always willing to review your rates, premiums and dividends with you.

Allow Us to Compare Our Products to the Competition’s
As always, we advise that before you make a decision on worker’s compensation insurance, please allow us to review your coverage and any competitive proposal.  We have seen an increase in the number of  unlicensed, uninformed and unqualified representatives contacting our accounts.  CHAPP has developed a Proposal Comparison form that is available to you.  Simply have the competition complete the form and then allow us to compare their product to ours.

Although by law no company can guarantee a dividend,  FCCI historically has returned a higher percentage of premium back to its insured in dividends than any other Florida insurance carrier.

Accounts Confused by FFVA Cancellation Notices
CHAPP accounts are receiving cancellation notices from FFVA Mutual.  These forms simply mean that you no longer have coverage through FFVA Mutual as of January 1, 2000.  By signing the FCCI applications last year, your coverage continued without a lapse through FCCI.

FCCI Ag Claims Unit Toll Free Phone Number
FCCI’s Ag Claims Unit is installing a Toll Free phone line to provide a direct link between our accounts and your FCCI claims adjusters and supervisors for when you have questions.  You will still report all injuries to Jamie King at the CHAPP office.

Remember to Report ALL Injuries as They Happen
Remember to call Jamie King at CHAPP immediately when a worker is injured.  If after office hours or on the weekend, take the injured worker to the nearest Emergency Room and leave a message with the claims information on our answering machine.  You should also call us as soon as possible on the next business day.
Failure to make a timely report can result in fines from the state and increase the cost of a claim.

Social Security Numbers Needed When Reporting Claims
Please remember that when you call to report an injury, you must provide CHAPP with his/her Social Security Number before we can authorize treatment of the worker’s injury.  If possible, the injured worker’s date of birth should also be provided.

CHAPP and FCCI Developing New Lines of Coverage for Ag Industries
We are in the early stages of developing other lines of insurance coverage for the Citrus and Ag industries.  We will provide more information to you as the products are ready to be offered.

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