December 2002 News

Valencia Season Starting
CHAPP continues to grow.  For this, we are thankful to God and to our clients who continue to place their trust in us to provide the best coverage solutions to for their insurance needs. 
As Valencia season begins, remember to check that your crew cards and vehicle inspections are still current.  If you have any questions about your insurance coverages and the requirements of any company that you intend to start working for, please do not hesitate to call us.


Additions to CHAPP Staff
In order to keep up with our growth and to continue to provide our clients with the best possible service, CHAPP has added two bilingual employees to better serve you.


Sarah Rondon has joined our office to work in customer service and is in the process of earning her CSR (Customer Service Representative) professional license.  Sarah adds customer service expertise gained from several years of experience in the mortgage lending industry. 
Juan Mendez has been added to CHAPP’s field staff as a Loss Control and Labor Compliance Specialist.  Juan’s background includes working in harvester safety and DOL compliance for Cargill.  Juan also has  several years of experience as a DOL compliance officer for the State of Florida.
Contact CHAPP Using Nextel’s Ag Net
In an effort to become more accessible to our clients when you need us, CHAPP is now part of Nextel’s Ag Net. Our field representatives are each equipped with phone/radio units and our office has a 2-way radio unit.


Wes Wurth:          Mobile #:  863-557-1761 Ag Net ID #:  24639
Juan Mendez:      Mobile #:  863-557-1759 Ag Net ID #:  24630
CHAPP Office:                                                Ag Net ID #:  11609


We encourage you to contact either Wes or Juan using their Ag Net numbers. 
We have added the 2-way radio in our office to make it easier and faster for you to report worker’s compensation claims from the field.  Contact Jamie King about claims using the CHAPP office ID number.
CHAPP Does Crew Leader Registrations
As your crew leader cards near expiration, remember that CHAPP is able to help you complete the registration application forms.  Remember to bring a $75.00 money order payable to Florida Dept. of Labor to be sent to the state with your completed application.   We also have supplies of vehicle inspection and medical exam forms and finger print cards for your convenience.  These services are free of charge to clients of CHAPP and Citrus Insurance Services, Inc.