December 2000

As the year 2000 and all of the Y2K fears are permanently put to rest, we at CHAPP, Inc. and Citrus Insurance Services, Inc. want to pause and give thanks to all who made this another record year for us.
Since our beginning twenty five years ago, we have grown to be the largest agricultural workers’ compensation insurance agency in the southeast United States.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who have made this possible.
First of all to God, who has blessed this business far beyond what we ever would have thought or imagined.  We believe He owns it all, and has allowed us to be stewards of it. We are grateful, and feel a great sense of responsibility to be worthy of the call. To this end, we will always strive.
To the hundreds of policy holders – you make CHAPP, Inc. and Citrus Insurance Services, Inc. who we are.  We realize that without you we would not exist.  We promise that you will always get the prompt, professional, courteous service that you deserve.  Each and every one of our staff realizes that we work to serve you, our clients.   
To the staff of CHAPP, Inc. and Citrus Insurance Services, Inc. – thank you.  We could not have done it without you!  The licensed personnel of these two companies have over 100 years of combined  insurance experience.  We share a common philosophy ~ to honestly and effectively serve the insurance needs of our clients.  Additional features we offer above and beyond your basic insurance coverages are:  loss control services, a safety program, DOT drug free workplace assistance, DOL compliance assistance, crew leader registration, claims reporting assistance, payroll reporting assistance and verification, and a special premium payment plan.  We want to be more than just another insurance agency.  It is our goal to see that you get the most comprehensive coverage and service available for the insurance dollars that you spend.  We realize that there are hundreds of insurance policies out there being offered to you.  The only thing that sets us apart from the rest of them is the level of service we give, and the additional features that we offer.  These additional features are not commonly offered by other insurance agencies. 
To Mr. G.W. Jacobs, President and CEO of the FCCI Insurance Group and their entire Board of Directors – thank you for the faith and trust you demonstrated in us by allowing us to move our entire book of agricultural business to your company on 1/1/2000.   Prior to our coming, you did not accept agricultural risks, so we realize that this was an extra step of faith on your part to accept our book of business.  Thank you for backing us, and for being true to your word.  You have done everything you said you would do, and have been an absolute pleasure to work with.  We want our policy holders to know that FCCI is also experiencing tremendous growth.  They are now the second largest company writing workers’ compensation insurance in the state of Florida, and are among the top twenty-five in the United States.  Most importantly for you, FCCI has returned a higher percentage of premium dollars to their policy holders in the form of dividends, than anyone in the state of Florida.  Their percentage of return is four times greater than other Florida insurance companies, and is nearly triple the national average.  To the FCCI Agricultural Claims Unit – thank you for the hard work you do in managing the claims when they happen.  We realize that without your expert handling of claims, there would be less money available to return to our clients in the form of dividends.  We appreciate the aggressive manner in which you work to preserve our policyholder’s insurance dollars.
In closing, we wish you and your families a very blessed and prosperous 2001. If there is any way we can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to let us know. 
Bucky and Cindy Payne and Staff