As we end summer it’s getting time to go back to work…. as we repair and get everything back in shape for another year. We here at CHAPP are getting ready for another year and thought we would send out some thoughts as we all prepare for the coming season…….

Heat and humidity is wicked this time of year! As the heat index rises with the dog-days of August, please remind your supervisors to monitor all workers and make sure that adequate water is available for drinking. We have hand-outs here at CHAPP in English and Spanish that describe symptoms and treatment of the different levels of heat illness – please call our office if you would like copies for your employees.

A new posting requirement from the State of Florida took effect on July 1st! The new law requires that information on insurance fraud must be posted in the workplace for all employees to view. As of press time, the Department of Insurance has not issued a new poster and our contact with the Fraud Bureau indicates they are going to change the broken arm poster to include the info to meet this requirement – but it hasn’t been issued. We have enclosed a CHAPP made poster that has the wording the law change indicates until the State produces what they want in the workplace for the employees. Please call CHAPP loss control with any questions! (Ref. Florida Legislature CS/CS/SB 108).

At this time of year farm tractor work is in full swing! Please remember that Florida law requires that all machinery for use at speeds less than 25 miles per hour and that operate on public roadways must display a triangular slow-moving vehicle emblem. All farm tractors and self-propelled units of farm equipment made after January 1, 1972, should have hazard-warning lights visible to the front and rear whenever such vehicle is operated on a public roadway. Please remember – we have a lot of visitors to our beautiful state who don’t understand slow equipment on the roads – the more visible you are, the safer your drive will be! (Ref. FS 316.2225 & FS 316.2295)

A new season means time to review our posters and licenses! The new season brings new dates, so we need to review our posters to ensure compliance and replace any worn or faded postings. The Worker Information – Terms & Conditions of Employment, State Of Florida Statement of Working Conditions, and the workers’ compensation broken arm poster are three postings that have dates on them – make sure they haven’t expired! Another concern is your Farm Labor Contractor Registration (crew leader cards) and those that belong to your employees. If expired, they require immediate attention; if you have deleted vans or busses from your insurance ( and therefore are no longer “TA” vehicles), please remember to allow four weeks advance processing to get your licenses in order. Remember to start your renewal process at least 5 weeks prior to your current registration’s expiration to allow enough time to receive your cards back in time! Please call us here at CHAPP with questions or come by for your registration needs.

Coming in September is the annual Florida Agricultural Seminar on September 19th and 20th in Orlando. We should have registration forms soon – please call if you would like one.

We would appreciate any ideas for topics, comments on our information, and any questions you may have! Please call us at (800)242-7898 or e-mail us at wwurth@chappinc.com . Remember: working safely pays dividends!